Our Expertise

Strategy & Growth

Each consulting project starts with the organization's strategy. We build operational solutions, tactics and programs. We recommend modifications in the strategy if the results of our analyses indicate the need for this. We build acceptance and solutions with all key stakeholders in the organization.

Our projects most often include:
  • strategic analysis,
  • business model,
  • value chain,
  • organizational structure,
  • information and decision systems,
  • IT tools for operational controlling,
  • the tools and implementation plan for the development strategy.

Mergers & Acquisitions

As tools for increasing the value of enterprises, mergers and acquisitions are based on identified, planned and carefully assessed strategic and operational synergies.

Our projects most often include:
  • strategic analysis,
  • a feasibility study and identification of synergies,
  • a financial model,
  • an operational model,
  • a decision-making model and a model for control of synergy effects,
  • the tools and implementation plan,
  • project management.

Performance Management

Business performance management is carried out at all organizational levels and in all functional areas. It requires the identification of the best tools for achieving the intended goals and their calibration in the process of continuous measurement and evaluation. As parts of improvement projects in this area, we include, among other things, the answers to questions:
  • what to do and how,
  • what is the relationship between action and effect,
  • how to measure effects in real time,
  • how to respond quickly to deviations from the plan.

Our projects in this area most often include, among others:
  • areas of sales, marketing, customer service, logistics, production, project teams,
  • designing work tools that increase effectiveness,
  • improving information and decision processes,
  • implementation of IT tools for daily operational control.

Operational Control

We attach great importance to operational control, understood as a tool for continuous improvement and increasing the efficiency of the organization. According to the principle that you cannot manage something, if you cannot measure it, each of our improvement projects includes the implementation of an operational control system in the form of an IT tool and its integration with information and decision-making processes.

Factor Consulting offers system solutions and IT tools in the field of operational control with proven effectiveness in many enterprises. Unlike many information systems, Factor System:
  • does not duplicate existing systems in organizations,
  • monitors key (financial and non-financial) goals on a daily basis,
  • is an indispensable tool for everyday operational work,
  • is user-friendly,
  • can be quickly implemented in any company.

Change Management

Implementation of changes in the organization is one of the biggest challenges for managers and involved employees. It concerns both remedial reorganization processes and changes introduced with development and improvement in mind.

Experience gained from large and multi-faceted change projects, enabled Factor Consulting to work out and test repeatedly and successfully proprietary tools in the field of:
  • preparation and organization of the change process,
  • ensuring the effectiveness of the change durability,
  • building stakeholder support, implementing and monitoring effectiveness of solutions

Research & Analysis

We support and promote decision-making processes through data-driven decision making. We support strategic sessions, implementation and R & D projects and organizational efficiency management systems using methods and tools for collecting, processing and reporting data for decision making.

We automate decision-making processes, we deliver personalized data and hard evidence for them.

We save managers’ time.